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Planning For The Uncertainty Of The Future

Planning for later in life or after your passing can be an uncomfortable topic. However, it is one that is necessary to confront. In fact, it is a great service to your family to create an effective estate plan, which helps your assets transfer smoothly in probate and helps avoid conflict and confusion. Working with an experienced lawyer can help ensure that your estate planning goals are met and that you leave a lasting legacy.

At Lange, Quill & Powers, PLC, we assist individuals and businesses across northern Kentucky in thoughtfully planning their estates through wills, trusts and other necessary documents. Our legal team will help you understand the options you’re facing and make intelligent choices regarding how to pass on your wealth to your loved ones and future generations. We also welcome long-term client relationships to make timely, necessary updates to existing plans.

The Importance Of Wills For Young Families

While many young adults may feel that estate planning is not a necessity, those with spouses and young children must especially consider the unpredictability of life. A will can help you plan for what will become of your estate and designate a guardian for your young children.

Guarding Your Long-Term Interests

We can assist with many of your estate planning needs, including:

  • Drafting a will to reflect your wishes
  • Incorporating a trust into your plan to allow for more control and customization
  • Drafting a power of attorney to plan for future financial and health care needs
  • Planning for the succession of your small or family-run business
  • Representing you in will contests or other disputes

We recommend revisiting your estate plan every few years or after a major life change to ensure that your wishes are current. We value the opportunity to work with you for years to come.

Discuss Your Estate Planning Needs With A Lawyer

Proactive planning can ensure that your family, future and finances are protected. Learn how we can assist by scheduling a free initial consultation in Newport. Call 859-279-0003 or send us an email.