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Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

A Guide to Estate Planning

If you have been seeking out estate planning solutions online, you are certain to have come across some kind of do-it-yourself options. The idea of these options is to save the time and financial costs associated with working with an attorney to create a well-conceived estate plan. This would be a great idea if there was any assurance that a do-it-yourself will provides the same effectiveness in transferring your assets and handling all aspects of your estate. But there isn’t. The only way to make sure your estate planning goals are achieved is to work with an experienced lawyer.

Founded in 1979, the Newport law firm of Lange, Quill & Powers, PLC, provides comprehensive estate planning and probate services to individuals and families across northern Kentucky. We have a deep understanding of estate planning law, and our work in probate helps us know how to make sure your estate planning instruments will be valid and effective.

Drafting A Wide Array Of Trusts

Our firm’s extensive experience is a particular benefit to clients who require complex trusts to protect their particular assets and legacies. Our estate planning lawyers draft and review all types of wills and revocable and irrevocable trusts.

Providing Tailored Counsel And Solutions

At Lange, Quill & Powers, PLC, we sit down with our clients and discuss their particular needs and objectives. Young parents often need to designate guardians and trustees to ensure that their children will be cared for, should the parents unexpectedly pass away. Older individuals frequently seek powers of attorney to designate who will act on their behalf, should they become incapacitated.

Start Your Estate Planning Today

Creating a sound and comprehensive estate plan is a service for your family and loved ones. It helps avoid contentious disputes and problems in probate. No matter the situation, clients can count on our lawyers to provide the attentive and meticulous service required to accomplish their goals. To learn more, call our Newport office at 859-279-0003 or contact us online.