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When should you conduct an estate plan review?

Some people avoid creating an estate plan because they think they have plenty of time before it will be needed. While this is a valid hope, there aren't any guarantees, so all adults should have an estate plan in place as soon as possible. Even though you might think that you can create the estate plan and then forget about it, this isn't the case.

You need to review your estate plan periodically to ensure that it still reflects your wishes. You also have to check it over when there are major events in your life.

What should you do if you suspect medical malpractice?

You trust your doctor with your health, as well as the health of your family members in many cases. You depend on them to diagnose your symptoms as they arise and to help you connect with treatments that will work.

Most medical practitioners are diligent in staying up-to-date on the most cutting-edge treatments and ensuring that they adhere to the best practices when it comes to diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries. Still, doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals are all human, which means they are prone to errors in judgment, exhaustion and oversight or forgetfulness, which can lead to claims of medical malpractice.

How to end your business in Kentucky

Sometimes dreams come to an end. You may have dreamt of and enjoyed becoming your own boss and running your own business. Running a business is hard work and you may wish to move on to the next chapter of your life.

Moving on is okay, but you must remember that your business is a legal entity and you must conclude your business in the eyes of the law.

What is involved in real estate due diligence?

Buying a new business or real estate property can be exciting. It can also be risky if you aren’t cautious before making the purchase. If you’re looking at acquiring new real estate property, you’ll want to do your due diligence.

Due diligence is a thorough research process that helps a buyer know as much as possible about a property before the sale agreement it signed. It benefits you, the buyer, in that it allows you to uncover any unwanted surprises before the purchase.

Choosing the right legal structure for your business

Starting a business in Kentucky is an exciting time filled with many important decisions to make. One of the most important decisions you need to make early on is which legal structure or entity to choose.

The right legal structure will depend entirely on the specifics of your business and affect everything from your taxes to your record keeping to your personal liability and more. The Small Business Administration (SBA) advises on choosing your legal structure carefully as changing it in the future could result in serious or unintended complications.

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