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Boone County DUI crash injuries three

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | Injuries

Drunk driving is a serious problem in Kentucky and throughout the country. Drunk drivers put everyone else on the road in danger and sometimes this leads to catastrophic accidents.

This was illustrated recently in Boone County when three people, including a Gallatin County Deputy, were injured in a head-on collision. The accident occurred when a 64-year-old woman driving a vehicle crossed over the center line and crashed into the driver of a Mercedes. The Gallatin County Deputy was driving behind the Mercedes and could not stop his vehicle in time.

The two people in the Mercedes and the Deputy all suffered injuries. The woman is facing a DUI charge, as well as a charge of wanton endangerment.

Signs of drunk driving

You can sometimes spot drunk drivers on the roads. They might be weaving through traffic, drifting into another lanes, speeding or driving aggressively.

If you see signs of a drunk driver, avoid the vehicle. Pull over to the side of the road in a safe place and let them pass. You should also call the police if you have identifying information for the vehicle and report the erratic driving behavior.

Never drive while drunk yourself. There are times that you may have more to drink than you intended after you drove somewhere. It is best to leave your car and get a ride from someone else who has not been drinking or taking a ride share.

Your rights as the victim of a DUI accident

Drunk driving is negligent driving and people who are injured due to a drunk driver can potentially recover compensation. Some drunk driving accident victims suffer long-term or permanent consequences, such as permanent injuries or disfigurement or psychological distress.

Proving negligence requires gathering evidence to show that the other driver was drunk and that caused your accident. It is important to have the right type of evidence to prove your case so you can receive compensation for all you have lost.