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Next steps after breach of contract allegations

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Litigation

Receiving notice that a breach of contract lawsuit has been filed against your business can be a challenge. How can you answer the accusations against you? Is it possible to keep this case out of court? What should you do next?

Review the complaint.

If a business connection sues you or your business for breach of contract, the most important first step is to review the summons and complaint you received. Who brought this legal action against you? What are the accusations? How much money is being demanded of you? What date is the hearing for this lawsuit?

Speak to an attorney about your options.

When you defend yourself against a lawsuit, you have three main options in Kentucky court:

  • Settle out of court—Keeping your case out of court can protect your privacy and allow you to compromise with the plaintiff.
  • Defend yourself in court—Arguing your case in a hearing requires that you be present in court to defend yourself and present evidence.
  • File a counter-claim against the other party—If the person who filed the suit against you did not fulfilled their side of the contract, you may choose to file a claim against them.

An experienced attorney can help you determine which of these options will best suit your case and your goals. They can help you gather any documents you have related to the complaint, including your original contract and any communication you have surrounding it. They can also help you respond appropriately to the complaint and ensure that you file all relevant forms.

Answer as soon as possible.

Kentucky law requires that plaintiffs respond to a suit within a specific time frame. Once you have determined which course of action is right for you, respond to the suit. With experienced legal counsel, you can answer the breach of contract claim and work toward a resolution.