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Six-vehicle collision kills one, injures six

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Injuries

Multi-vehicle accidents involving semi-trailer trucks are relatively rare, but when two or more “big rigs” collide, the results are often catastrophic, as demonstrated by a recent accident on I-65 between Munfordville and Horse Cave.

Media reports of the incident are still sketchy, but a careful review of coverage to date illuminates the extent of the disruptions that a collision of two of these highway behemoths can cause.

The incident

According to Kentucky State Police, two commercial tractor-trailers were travelling north on I-65. They were keeping pace with one another when one of the trucks attempted to pull ahead of the other truck. This attempt caused the two trucks to side-swipe each other. One of the trucks pulled ahead and stopped in the gravel portion of the roadway. Both trucks then stopped in the right-hand lane of travel.

Police believe that the two trucks caused a chain reaction collision that ultimately involved six vehicles. One vehicle was a Ford F-250 driven by a man from Rineyville, Ky. The coroner pronounced the driver of this vehicle dead at the scene.

The drivers and passengers from other vehicles were taken to nearby hospital for treatment of their injuries. The driver of the truck that started the chain reaction was arrested and charged with wanton endangerment of human life in the first degree and taken to the Hart County Jail.


This accident will no doubt produce multiple claims for damages persons who suffered injuries in the accident. The driver of the truck that started the collision will undoubtedly be the main focus of damage claims, but further investigation may demonstrate that other parties bear a share of the liability.

Moreover, parties facing liability for a significant share of the damages will look for other individuals who may have acted negligently in the few seconds after the initial collision. Ultimately, a large number of attorneys will be asked to evaluate the facts and provide estimates on potential cross-claims.