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Kentucky sees 30% rise in distracted driving auto accident deaths

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Injuries

The problem of distracted driving in Kentucky is getting worse. This is happening despite lawmakers, law enforcement and safety advocates pleading with drivers to be more vigilant behind the wheel.

Several times, lawmakers have tried to formulate laws to prevent drivers from using their cellphones while driving. They have yet to garner widespread support.

Simultaneously, statistics are being released as to how many people are injured and are losing their lives in distracted driving collisions. When there is an auto accident, it is logical to wonder if it was due to a driver who was not paying attention to the road.

Kentucky saw a troubling increase in distracted driving deaths

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released its most recent, in depth numbers regarding distracted driving accidents. In 2021, Kentucky had 120 fatal accidents in which distraction was a factor. This was up from 91 in 2020. That is a 30% increase from one year to the next.

Other entities like AAA say this is a widespread problem that goes beyond the usual suspects like teen drivers and is not just due to cellphones. Navigation apps, changing the radio, eating and interacting with passengers are also catalysts for distraction.

Some areas in Kentucky are taking the initiative with checkpoints where a significant number of collisions have occurred. This was to address distracted driving and other dangerous behaviors like drivers who are under the influence. Nationally, April was dedicated to Distracted Driving Awareness to shed light on the problem and, hopefully, reduce the number of people who do it.

Having qualified assistance is key after accidents with injuries

The key with any auto accident and personal injury is to accrue evidence and determine what happened. This is particularly true with a possible distracted driving accident.

In these cases, there is the potential for major medical costs, lost time at work, long-term damage and even death.