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Common car accident injury damages

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Injuries

Car accident victims can suffer a multitude of damages following an unexpected car accident. A personal injury claim may be able to help with those damages which is why it is useful for injured car accident victims to be familiar with the different types of damages that may be available to help them.

What costs are considered as damages?

There are several different categories of car accident damages that can help victims with the damages they have suffered including:

  • Medical expenses: Medical expenses can be available to car accident victims to help with ambulance fees; doctor’s appointments; medical equipment; physical or cognitive therapy; in-home medical care if needed and other types of medical care expenses that result from the car accident. Both medical expenses and damages for future medical care may be available to victims.
  • Lost wages: Lost wages may stack up while the victim is unable to recover during their recovery process. Victims may also suffer lost earning capacity in some situations. Both lost wages and lost earning capacity damages may be available to victims.
  • Pain and suffering damages: Emotional distress is not uncommon due to the trauma suffered by the victim in an unexpected car accident. Compensation for pain and suffering may be available to injured car accident victims.

Because of the nature of the physical, financial and emotional damages many victims of car accidents suffer, it is important to be familiar with legal resources that can help support them and hold negligent drivers accountable. Through a personal injury claim for damages victims may be able to recover the compensation they need.